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We're so grateful that our story has been picked up by the press! Thank you to our wonderful partners for writing about our journey.

The Atlantic Council

Innovation Can Break The Gridlock on Nuclear Waste

By Michelle Brechtelsbauer | June 2020

“In simplest terms, there has been a failure to appreciate the enormous, untapped value of this material. Nuclear waste is not waste because it is unusable; it is simply unused. However, three intrinsic properties make spent nuclear fuel quite valuable: it is still nuclear fuel, which can be recycled to power advanced reactors designs; it releases enormous amounts of thermal energy over sustained periods of time, which can be captured and used for purposes like heat or batteries; and it has unique energy signatures that make it ideal for applications in medicine, tracking, tracing, civil engineering, and other disciplines. There is an enormous opportunity to innovate and ultimately reframe the narrative around so-called nuclear waste.

The Energy Talk Podcast

Campfire Episode 4: Re-Imagining Nuclear Waste

By Olubunmi Olajide | August 2020

“Five graduate students from the University of Michigan entered a grand challenge to find a practical use for nuclear waste, and here is the winning idea that won them $17,000.”

University of Michigan

Michigan Business Challenge Finalist Teams of 2021 Announced - February 2021

Blog: Pandemic Response: Pivot to Virtual Programs (Midwest I-Corp) - August 2020

Announcing the Winner of the 2020 Nuclear Waste Grand Challenge - April 2020

By reinventing the future of nuclear waste as a product, you are leading the charge on truly effective persuasion"- Bret Kugelmass, Managing Director, Energy Impact Center

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